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The Rugburns Live in Mono
recently remastered for ultra-shitty sound!

1. Funky Music Factory/Gameshow Intro
2. Bristol Stomp Matt Shupe, vocals
3. Peppermint Twist Mr. Tree, vocals
4. Locomotion Miss Deal, vocals
5. Sidewalk Surf Shawn Gilbert, vocals
6. La Bamba Mr. tree, vocals
7. The Swim Soapy Argyle, vocals
8. The Climb Shawn Gilbert, Vocals
9. Tango Matt Shupe, vocals
10. Hand-jive The Rug Burns, vocals
11. The Hanky Panky Soapy Argyle, vocals
12. The Safety Dance Mattholomew Nichols, vocals

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The Rugburns in Mono were:

Shawn Gilbert: Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Miss Deal: Drums, Lead Vocals
Matt Shupe: Guitar, Trombone, Lead Vocals
Mr. Tree: Bass, Cowbell, Lead Vocals
Soapy Argyle: Tenor Saxophone, Lead Vocals
Mattholomew Nichols: Keys, Lead Vocals


Featuring such luminaries as Matt Shupe (Matt Shupe), Shawn Gilbert (Devotchka), Soapy Argyle (The Babysitters), Mr. Tree (Up With People), Mattholemew Nichols (Three's Company), and Miss Deal (The Rugburns), the Rugburns are Denver's hottest supergroup.

Disgusted with the dearth of under-rehearsed nostalgia acts playing songs exclusively about dance crazes, these six stalwart strummers set about to rectify the situation.

And rectify it they did.

Unfortunately the band has broken up after each of their five shows.

Too much talent.

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The Rugburns in Mono played a house party on March 5, 2004
after which they ceremonially set themselves aflame.
They will never perform again.

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