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local bands we recommend
The O-Tone Brass Band The hippest, coolest, butt-shakingest, get up on the bar and blow a killer solo in your faciest, brass band in Denver. Don't miss 'em.
Devotchka One of the finest bands on the planet.
Slim Cessna's Auto Club If we've ever envied any other Denver band, this is it.
Cabaret Diosa An old favorite of ours. Mambo! Mambo! Mambo! Mambo!
32-20 Jug Band Washtub bass, mandolin, jug, guitar. Foot stomping guaranteed. E-mail only.
The Hellmen Goofball avant garage sound. The between-song antics are almost as entertaining as the music itself. Laugh if you dare.
Damn Shambles They like to jump up and down, the songs are short, and the drummer could snap you in half like a twig. A fine example of Denver's garage rock.
The Scoffed Loud, great song writing, great musicianship. Rockabilly guitar + punk bass + metal drums = songs about beer and aliens. Loud.
Sidewinder Great rockin' music with a country edge. The crazy hat-wearin' guy on steel guitar will Elmore James your ass.
The Down-and-Outs The best garage rock in Denver. We haven't actually ever seen them..
Puppet Camp A band that's not afraid to do Patsy Cline right after a song by X. And the lead singer has some pretty good pipes.
Mystery Children Improvised avant garde wacko stuff you can't beat with a hot dog. They feature the worst turntablist in the United States.
Munly He's in the paper all the time and he's in Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Another wacko.
The Sin Shakers Sloppy rockabilly just the way it was played by exuberant youths in the late fifties, except these are ninties and so it sounds a little different.
Kalamath Brothers Featuring Fank Hauser, Jr. They put the SOUND in the sound of music. E-mail only.
Yonder Mountain String Band We haven't actually heard these guys, but Soapy met the banjo player a couple times in Illinois. They gotta be good.
Apples in Stereo The standard bearers of the Denver Pop Sound That Everyone Keeps Talking About. They are poppy and they are good.

other stuff
Colorado Music Association (COMA) An invaluable resource for and advocate of Denver's music scene.
Twist and Shout Records A cool site from Denver's best independent music store.
Southern Culture on the Skids These guys are the only non-local band up here for a good reason... THEY ROCK!
The Shrine of the Modern Greek Language Learn to speak Greek here.
The Useless Information Home Page This site is full of interesting stories about strange things.
The Onion America's finest news source.
First Presleyterian Church A Church dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll.
Everthing you ever wanted to know about BEANS Everything you ever wanted to know about BEANS.
Site of the 8-Track Maniac Want to buy, sell, or trade 8-track tapes? Or do you just want to look at 'em? Whatever your fancy, it's right here.

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