Mr. Tree searches for his long-lost Banana mother while promoting the band's latest album, Go Bananas!

Scenes from the Go Bananas release party at 7 South.
Soapy sings a song.
And the crowd goes wild.
Sloppy Duck seizes the stage.
Who's that girl?

Live at 15th Street Tavern - St. Patrick's Day 2000

Herman's Hideaway Oct 29, 1999
Mr. Tree (15480 bytes) Soapy (14465 bytes) Shawn (15047 bytes)

Seven South Nov 5, 1999
Mr. Tree and the Wingnuts (15308 bytes) Mr. Tree (13071 bytes) Chris (16078 bytes)

Photos thanks to Chrisy Deal, Lewis Lease and the T+S crew.

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