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Mr. Tree and the Wingnuts

MAY 20
5 pm
19th and Market St.

This is a great chance to see Mr. Tree and the Wingnuts in an outdoor performance situation where, once again, we will be performing for Westword newspaper.
Get downtown early and you can see quite a few other good bands play including Marty Jones and the Pork Boilin' Po` Boys, and Devotchka.

The Atrium
South Broadway

We've played for Breast Cancer, and we've played for Endangered Dolphins, and we are going to play this gig for another, very special, cause.
Regrettably, Shawn Fouron lost his snare drum after a wild gig in Boulder and has been playing on old pizza boxes (mostly empty) since then. He has raised some of the money required for a new drum by selling his blood plasma, but this has been taking its toll. This night, we are attempting to raise the remaining money. Hopefully, the next day Shawn will be able to stumble into Rupp's Drums with head held high and buy a beautiful new snare drum. Won't you help us acheive our dream?

If you're thinking you're too late to get in for free or get a free pitcher of beer, try thinking again. Often these precious prizes can be perloined right up to the day of the show!

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